10 places you’ll be glad you had wipes

Halo wipes come in handy in all sorts of sticky situations – here are 10 places you will be glad that you had wipes;

1 – In the Car
Keep wipes in the car for all those times you’ve just had something to eat, or need to give the steering wheel or dashboard a clean.

2 – At a Picnic
Wipes are not only handy for cleaning hands after eating, but also anti-bacterial hand wipes are an excellent thing to have and use before you start on the finger food.

3 – Shopping
Spending all day trekking around the shops, you will find our wipes come in handy; be them deodorising wipes for freshening up, anti-bacterial hand wipes after touching door handles and rails all day, or even moist toilet tissue.

4 – On a Train
Be it for cleaning the table on the train, wiping hands, or freshening up – don’t travel without Halo Wipes!

5 – At the Airport
Wipes are a must, be it for arriving at or departing from an airport – use them to clean your hands and freshen up.

6 – At a Festival
Wipes are your best friend at a festival, everything from washing to personal hygiene – don’t leave home without them!

7 – In a Night Club
Sticky fingers from drinks bottles and glasses? You will be glad you had Halo in your bag.

8 – In the Country
Getting out in the fresh air is great, and wipes are great to have on hand, especially if you are dog walking.

9 – In the Office
A pack of wipes in the desk drawer are ideal not just for personal hygine reasons but also to clean desk surfaces, mouse and keyboards – especially if shared.

10 – At the Gym
Wipes in your gym bag make it easy for freshening up, especially if you have little time for a shower.