Amber Heard

August Wipedown

The Wipedown
Making a fresh start ahead of her eight month megastar tour in the US, Adele has jetted off from London to her new £6 million LA mansion. She’s giving up alcohol, taking on daily gym sessions, and switching to an all-organic diet to help make the tour the cleanest it can be.
Justin Bieber has been almost inseparable from 17-year old model Sofia Richie in the past few weeks, with the pair spending countless hours together and recently enjoying an early morning hike in Los Angeles. With things getting sweaty, let’s hope the pair kept things fresh with some Halo Deodorant Wipes!
Britney’s hotly anticipated appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke has already hit – in typical Britney fashion –a bit of a bum note. Not officially airing until later this month, a trailer released this week appears to show only Corden doing any actual singing. Britney, meanwhile, practices her world-class miming in the passenger seat. Well, why change the habit of a lifetime?

Fresh Princess
With celebrity status comes great power and even greater responsibility, and we love to see the stars doing good with their powers. The long and bitter feud that has been Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce has finally found a sweet ending as Amber has chosen to donate all of her $7m settlement to two deserving US charities, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
Amber, we couldn’t have thought of a better way to settle all of this unpleasantness – we crown you Queen of Clean!

Clean Your Act Up
Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s 26 year old rapper boyfriend, was spotted soaking up the Bahaman sun as the pair celebrated Kylie’s 19th birthday on a yacht in the Bahamas this month. Despite splashing out on an eye-wateringly expensive Mercedes-Maybach as a gift for Kylie, Tyga recently failed to appear in court for owing his landlord $480,285 in damages for a formerly rented estate. Potentially facing arrest on his return from the holiday, we think it’s time Kylie traded this one in for a newer model. Tyga, clean your act up!