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August Wipedown

The Wipedown Making a fresh start ahead of her eight month megastar tour in the US, Adele has jetted off from London to her new £6 million LA mansion. She’s giving up alcohol, taking on daily gym sessions, and switching to an all-organic diet to help make the tour the cleanest it can be. Justin […]

July Wipedown!

Rihanna and Drake, the infamous will-they-won’t-they couple, seem closer than ever off the back of their two new hit collaborations. According to an inside source, it is their musical success which has brought them back together. It seems like there’s no such thing as a clean break, as it is reported that Drake ‘still loves […]

Celebrity Wipedown

The Wipedown Things move fast in the world of celebrity, and nothing faster than Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s whirlwind romance. The pair only started dating in January, got engaged in April, and this week Blac posted to Instagram to show off a scan of the pair’s first baby. Well, moving quickly is one way […]

A quick guide to hand hygiene

On a daily basis we are all touching surfaces, surfaces that are in turn touched by sometimes hundreds or even thousands of others, transferring germs from person to person – on door handles, hand rails, phones, keyboards, and shopping baskets, to name just a few. It is said that around 80% of contagious diseases are […]

The right way to remove eye makeup with wipes

Eye make-up can be a real pain to remove at night before you go for bed, and quite often women can wake up in the morning with black smudges where they hadn’t been so thorough at removing stubborn mascara or liquid eyeliner. The main benefit of using wipes to remove eye make-up is that they […]

10 places you’ll be glad you had wipes

Halo wipes come in handy in all sorts of sticky situations – here are 10 places you will be glad that you had wipes; 1 – In the Car Keep wipes in the car for all those times you’ve just had something to eat, or need to give the steering wheel or dashboard a clean. […]

Stay Fashionably Fresh This Summer

With summer around the corner, our Halo Angel Johanna Bolhoven gives us some top tips to help keep cool and look fashionable at the same time – at work or on holiday. Hang loose. Natural instinct is to shed clothes in the heat but long loose clothing, made from natural fibres, will provide your skin with shade and help keep your body temperature low. […]

A third of women have gone seven days at a festival without a wash

– A third of women have gone seven days at a festival without a wash – On average, UK women spend at least two weeks preparing for a festival, with some prepping months ahead –  Dirty toilets are women’s biggest festival complaint, followed by body odour and the state of showers WOMEN in the UK […]