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August Wipedown

The Wipedown
Making a fresh start ahead of her eight month megastar tour in the US, Adele has jetted off from London to her new £6 million LA mansion. She’s giving up alcohol, taking on daily gym sessions, and switching to an all-organic diet to help make the tour the cleanest it can be.
Justin Bieber has been almost inseparable from 17-year old model Sofia Richie in the past few weeks, with the pair spending countless hours together and recently enjoying an early morning hike in Los Angeles. With things getting sweaty, let’s hope the pair kept things fresh with some Halo Deodorant Wipes!
Britney’s hotly anticipated appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke has already hit – in typical Britney fashion –a bit of a bum note. Not officially airing until later this month, a trailer released this week appears to show only Corden doing any actual singing. Britney, meanwhile, practices her world-class miming in the passenger seat. Well, why change the habit of a lifetime?

Fresh Princess
With celebrity status comes great power and even greater responsibility, and we love to see the stars doing good with their powers. The long and bitter feud that has been Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce has finally found a sweet ending as Amber has chosen to donate all of her $7m settlement to two deserving US charities, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
Amber, we couldn’t have thought of a better way to settle all of this unpleasantness – we crown you Queen of Clean!

Clean Your Act Up
Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s 26 year old rapper boyfriend, was spotted soaking up the Bahaman sun as the pair celebrated Kylie’s 19th birthday on a yacht in the Bahamas this month. Despite splashing out on an eye-wateringly expensive Mercedes-Maybach as a gift for Kylie, Tyga recently failed to appear in court for owing his landlord $480,285 in damages for a formerly rented estate. Potentially facing arrest on his return from the holiday, we think it’s time Kylie traded this one in for a newer model. Tyga, clean your act up!


July Wipedown!

Rihanna and Drake, the infamous will-they-won’t-they couple, seem closer than ever off the back of their two new hit collaborations. According to an inside source, it is their musical success which has brought them back together. It seems like there’s no such thing as a clean break, as it is reported that Drake ‘still loves her and never stopped’- cute! Here’s hoping they’ve wiped the slate clean!

Another pair looking for a clean break, Kat Von D and Jeffree Star are taking their friendship in opposite directions. Sparking a social media spat this week, Kat shared a picture of Jeffree with a ‘no entry’ sign across his face, explaining she had decided to ‘disassociate [herself] from him and his brand’ after years of putting up with Jeffree’s ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Responding to a video that Kat posted to further explain her reasons, Jeffree took to Twitter to tell his side of the story and announce he would be ‘going back to the real world and off to enjoy the rest of [his] day’. Talk about airing your dirty laundry…

The fifteenth anniversary of now iconic film Legally Blonde was celebrated by the film’s star Reese Witherspoon this month, as she treated her social following to a full day of all things Elle Woods. The film’s wardrobe department cleaned out the closet and sent the actress all of her costumes, which she proceeded to showcase with a throwback try-on session. Naturally, the anniversary wouldn’t have been complete without Witherspoon’s recreation of the classic Bend and Snap!

In more movie related news, Harry Styles has been spotted bloodied and caked with mud as he shot some grisly scenes on the set of Dunkirk, a new Christopher Nolan war film. All that dirt isn’t going to remove itself, Harry – anyone got a Halo handy?




Fresh Princess

Following the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of US police, Beyoncé has paid tribute to the victims of police brutality, showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The performer led a moment of silence at her Glasgow concert on her Formation world tour, displaying hundreds of names and commemorating the ‘countless others’ lost.

The star also issued a powerful statement on her website, speaking of ‘standing up as a community against the robberies of lives by those sworn to protect us’, and encouraged the channelling of anger into action, providing methods of contacting local politicians and legislators, and voicing protest against the recent deaths.

We think Beyoncé utilising her platform to speak up for people of colour and minorities to offer the marginalised a voice, and promote love over hate, is admirable, and we crown her Queen of Clean!



Clean Your Act Up

We’ve come to expect little better of our celeb idols, but the recent Kim/Kanye/Taylor fiasco has taken things to a new low.

Reacting to a video posted to Kim’s public Snapchat story, which apparently shows Taylor approving a controversial line from Kanye’s song Famous, Taylor accused Kim of “character assassination”. Although the line in question isn’t mentioned in the clip, Taylor can be heard saying “go with whatever line you think is better … It’s obviously really tongue in cheek, either way … And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.”

Taylor, posting a response to the video on her Instagram account, accused Kim of “character assassination,” and referred to the seemingly non-existent video of Kanye reciting the actual line. “It doesn’t exist because it never happened,” she wrote.

With Kim and Kanye potentially facing legal action over the unlawfully recorded call, whether Taylor did or did not approve the line now seems beside the point. What with all of the dirty laundry being aired on the web this week, we think it’s time that this trio were given a good wipe down. Clean your act up!



The Wipedown

Celebrity Wipedown

The Wipedown

Things move fast in the world of celebrity, and nothing faster than Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s whirlwind romance. The pair only started dating in January, got engaged in April, and this week Blac posted to Instagram to show off a scan of the pair’s first baby. Well, moving quickly is one way to keep things fresh!

Good girl Taylor is moving equally swiftly, hooking up with rumoured Bond hopeful Tom Hiddleston just two weeks after her tabloid-shattering breakup with Calvin Harris. Making a clean break from her ex, Taylor was seen looking cool and carefree on a beach with Tom, having supposedly first met at the MET Gala in New York in May.

Closer to home, rumours are rife that Cheryl Cole and boyfriend Liam Payne are taking baby steps to starting their own family. Attending Liam’s sister Ruth’s wedding in Wolverhampton last week, Cheryl was dressed in an uncharacteristically loose dress, drank water all day, and generally kept very a low-key presence throughout according to an insider at the event. Anything to come clean about, Cheryl? We’ll help you out with a pack of Halo Hand Wipes!

Love Island’s Zara Holland has been scrubbed of her Miss GB title after being seen getting up to no good with fellow contestant Alex Bowen.  Zara spoke to The Sun on the loss of her title, saying: “I haven’t committed a crime, so why should I have my title taken from me? It’s horrific. I’ve done nothing wrong. All women have needs. All the things Miss GB claims to stand for have been used against me.”

Fresh Princess

Christina Aguilera has released a song to benefit victims of the Orlando gay club shooting earlier this month. Proceeds from the song, Change, will be donated to the National Compassion Fund to help the families of those who died in the attack.

Writing on her website, Christina said: “The horrific tragedy that occurred in Orlando continues to weigh heavily on my mind. I am sending so much love and so many prayers to the victims and their families.”

We think it’s a truly honorable way to use your talent – we crown you Christina, Queen of Clean!


Fresh Princess







Clean your act up

Pregnant Celebrity Big Brother star Stephanie Davis has taken to Twitter to respond to criticism for apparently enjoying ‘a pint’ at her local pub. Her tweets add to a string of recent posts regarding her pregnancy and on-and-off relationship and with fellow CBB star and model Jeremy McConnell. Jeremy denies claims that he is the father, saying “I’m not going to be a dad. If she is pregnant, it’s not mine. You’ll see in the future that it’s not my kid, and she’ll look like a mug.”

Having dragged each other through the dirt so much this month, these two are in desperate need of a good wipe down. Halo Wipes, anyone?


Clean Your Act Up


A quick guide to hand hygiene

On a daily basis we are all touching surfaces, surfaces that are in turn touched by sometimes hundreds or even thousands of others, transferring germs from person to person – on door handles, hand rails, phones, keyboards, and shopping baskets, to name just a few.

It is said that around 80% of contagious diseases are actually transferred by touch, and that the place most bacteria tends to be in is on the tips of our fingers and under our nails. This means we should be giving these parts of the hands extra attention when hand cleaning. Halo Anti-bacterial Hand Wipes are considered one of the most effective alternatives to washing with proper anti-bacterial soap and water. By having good hand hygiene we can take control of not only spreading germs and disease, but also make great efforts in avoiding catching germs ourselves.

Most people believe that the cold and flu virus is spread through coughs and sneezes, however these are most commonly picked up through touch, on surfaces. Most adults do not wash their hands after sneezing or blowing their nose and touching dirty tissues, which explains how cold and flu spreads around so quickly.

As a general guide to hand hygiene, the following steps should be followed;

- Clean hands (with soap and water, or anti-bacterial wipes) before any kind of food preparation and before eating.

- In cold and flu season, be even more aware of hand hygiene and use wipes not only on your hands, but also on shared surfaces such as keyboards at work.

- After using a public toilet it is always a good idea to use a hand wipe when you leave, even if you wash your hands.

- Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your hands when around sick people, new babies, or those vulnerable to disease.

The right way to remove eye makeup with wipes

Eye make-up can be a real pain to remove at night before you go for bed, and quite often women can wake up in the morning with black smudges where they hadn’t been so thorough at removing stubborn mascara or liquid eyeliner.

The main benefit of using wipes to remove eye make-up is that they are quick and easy to use, and so you will remove your make-up before bed no trouble, rather than you skipping it and waking up with mascara all over the pillow. A great advantage of using Halo Eye Make-up Remover Wipes is that they are designed specifically for removing even stubborn eye make-up, and so you will achieve good results every time when using them. Also, because they are tailored for use on the eyes, a sensitive part of the face, they won’t sting.

So, to remove eye make-up the right way using wipes, start by sweeping the wipe slowly over the whole eye area (eye closed, of course). Do this slowly so that the solution on the wipe has time to work on loosening the makeup. Next, concentrate on the lashes and lash line, applying more pressure, but be careful not to rub the eye.  When removing the mascara, wipe in a downward direction toward the cheek.

After concentrating on removing the eye make-up, take a fresh one if need be and sweep over again, repeating to catch anything that hasn’t been removed. This step is usually only necessary in cases of heavy eye make-up though. One important thing to remember is that you should use a separate wipe for each eye. By doing this you will lessen the risk of eye infections and irritations that can be spread from one eye to the other.

10 places you’ll be glad you had wipes

Halo wipes come in handy in all sorts of sticky situations – here are 10 places you will be glad that you had wipes;

1 – In the Car
Keep wipes in the car for all those times you’ve just had something to eat, or need to give the steering wheel or dashboard a clean.

2 – At a Picnic
Wipes are not only handy for cleaning hands after eating, but also anti-bacterial hand wipes are an excellent thing to have and use before you start on the finger food.

3 – Shopping
Spending all day trekking around the shops, you will find our wipes come in handy; be them deodorising wipes for freshening up, anti-bacterial hand wipes after touching door handles and rails all day, or even moist toilet tissue.

4 – On a Train
Be it for cleaning the table on the train, wiping hands, or freshening up – don’t travel without Halo Wipes!

5 – At the Airport
Wipes are a must, be it for arriving at or departing from an airport – use them to clean your hands and freshen up.

6 – At a Festival
Wipes are your best friend at a festival, everything from washing to personal hygiene – don’t leave home without them!

7 – In a Night Club
Sticky fingers from drinks bottles and glasses? You will be glad you had Halo in your bag.

8 – In the Country
Getting out in the fresh air is great, and wipes are great to have on hand, especially if you are dog walking.

9 – In the Office
A pack of wipes in the desk drawer are ideal not just for personal hygine reasons but also to clean desk surfaces, mouse and keyboards – especially if shared.

10 – At the Gym
Wipes in your gym bag make it easy for freshening up, especially if you have little time for a shower.

Stay Fashionably Fresh This Summer

With summer around the corner, our Halo Angel Johanna Bolhoven gives us some top tips to help keep cool and look fashionable at the same time – at work or on holiday.

  1. Hang loose. Natural instinct is to shed clothes in the heat but long loose clothing, made from natural fibres, will provide your skin with shade and help keep your body temperature low. Believe it or not, a loose and flowing maxi dress (summer’s go-to dress length for parties, weekends or for work) will keep you cooler than a pair of shorts and skintight vest top
  2. Turn up the volume. Volume looks effortlessly smart but also keeps you cool in the heat. Belt a short sleeve tunic over wide leg culottes and pair with block heel sandals for an instant office-chic look
  3. Natural selection. I’m not the biggest fan of polyester and even less so in the summer months. Cotton is much more breathable than other man-made fibres, as it is better at absorbing moisture and dries a lot faster
  4. Some like it hot. In the same way drinking a cup of hot tea can keep you cool (no, really!), taking a hot shower can actually lower your body temperature. A cold shower might feel more satisfying in the short term, but your body will react by raising its internal temperature
  5. Summer shine. I’m all for shining under the sun in metallic accents and sparkly sequins (especially this season when you can mix in metallics for a splash of on-trend ’70s glam), however heavy embellishments such as beading or metal can weigh your clothes down. This brings them closer to your skin, trapping body heat and restricting any breeze
  6. It’s a wrap. Think scarves are only winter accessories? Think again! The humble scarf is still one of my must-have accessories. When summer really turns up the heat, a small cotton scarf is great for providing the skin with shade. You can use it to create a headscarf or wear it around your neck with your hair down. The key to styling summer scarves is in the fabric; there’s no need for bulk. The look is all about silkiness, chiffon and fine weaves
  7. Lighten up. Light-coloured clothing reflects the heat from the summer sun so swap your trusty black ensemble for pastel shades and neutral tones. From pale blue to ultramarine, this season sees a move toward the cooler and softer side of the colour spectrum so it’s the perfect time to embrace your inner pastel princess
  8. Be prepared. Like all good Girl Guides, it pays to “be prepared” and for this reason I always pack a trusty pack of Halo Deodorant Wipes so I can stay fresh on-the-go and continue my day in style!



A third of women have gone seven days at a festival without a wash

– A third of women have gone seven days at a festival without a wash

– On average, UK women spend at least two weeks preparing for a festival, with some prepping months ahead

–  Dirty toilets are women’s biggest festival complaint, followed by body odour and the state of showers

WOMEN in the UK would rather go seven days without washing than use dirty showers on festival sites.

A survey of 2,000 women, carried out by beauty brand Halo Wipes revealed 65% plan months in advance about how to stay fresh at a festival, because they’re so grossed out by dirty loos and other people’s bad body odour.

Halo Wipes, the ultimate handbag essential, conducted the research as part of its mission to understand women’s hygiene habits and the challenges they face when attending UK festivals.

While two thirds of women (65%) said they avoid showering at festivals, because the facilities are too filthy, women from the Midlands are the cleanest revellers, with over half (56%) saying they shower every day.

Nicola Verdin, Brand Manager for Halo, said: “For many women, looking their best starts with feeling comfortable and clean, but this can be a real challenge when camping out for up to a week at a festival.

“With festivals being a hotspot for fashion trends, naturally attendees want to look their best, but concerns about hygiene and the standard of facilities leave people feeling less than fabulous.”

Dirty toilets were the biggest festival turn-off (60%), followed by filthy showers (14%) and other people’s body odour (12%), with almost three quarters (72%) of women in the North West being offended by unclean loos. Filthy showers upset 1 in 10 women nationwide, while body odour left a third (30%) of Northern Irish women reeling.

In a bid to combat these discomforts, 79% of ladies in the UK are reaching for deodorant wipes and toilet wipes, including Halo’s Moist Toilet Tissue, as a festival essential for keeping fresh.

The research also highlighted that the UK is a nation of female festival preppers, as half (50%) of those asked said they plan their festival outfits two weeks in advance, with nearly a fifth (18%) of women packing months in advance. Those in the capital are the most organised, with a quarter of Londoners (25%) planning months ahead.

Nicola added: “We found from our research that planning ahead is vital for women on the go. They need to pack light and make every item count; that’s why beauty essentials like wipes are ideal. Women are not only planning their outfits in advance, they are also thinking ahead about how to stay fresh at festivals, which means they’re on the lookout for handy solutions to keep them feeling at their best.”


How to camp in luxury

There’s something a little romantic about spending time outdoors, but sadly some people are put off by the thought of getting mucky. Camping is what you make it, and I like to add a few unique touches to make it a truly memorable experience. If you’re new to camping, why not try ‘glamping’ to ease you in. To feel just at home, read my top tips on how to camp in luxury.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Pack pillows, duvets, cushions and blankets to make your tent a home. Having a stylish throw around the campfire or in the tent makes all the difference if you get a bit chilly
Instead of a thin roll mat, bring an inflatable mattress so that you have sweet dreams in softer surroundings (just don’t forget to bring the right pump!)
Take a telescope for stargazing – part of the romance of camping is being able to see the stars! Pack a star chart or use an astrology app to help you spot them and have fun at the same time
Make camping a pyjama party and pack more than the necessities. Little extras like cosy socks, an eye mask and comfy nightwear will ensure you feel snug as a bug in your tent
Think portaloos are too grim to bear? I always pack some handy wet wipes to take to the loo, or even for sticky hands and spilt drinks. I recommend Halo moistened toilet tissue and antibacterial multi-surface wipes because they come in handy small sized packs that I can fit them in my anorak pocket
If there’s somewhere you can hang it, a hammock can turn a gap between a couple trees into a perfect cuddle and nap spot
Ever tried snuggling up with a good book in the middle of the woods? Nothing beats it! Top tip – don’t read too many thrillers. You are in the woods!
I always try to sneak in a romantic culinary treat or two. A bottle of champagne, some fine chocolates or a thermos of espresso always adds a bit of luxury to a camping trip
Decorating your tent can really make it stand out and look extra cute in your Instagram pictures. A string of small, fun-shaped lanterns, some bunting and a flag are cheap ways to make your campsite chic and help you add a special touch
S’mores always remind me of sitting round a fire as a child. Why not pack a surprise for your camp mates and bring marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits to make s’mores and enjoy the fire?

Freya Bromley