July Wipedown!

Rihanna and Drake, the infamous will-they-won’t-they couple, seem closer than ever off the back of their two new hit collaborations. According to an inside source, it is their musical success which has brought them back together. It seems like there’s no such thing as a clean break, as it is reported that Drake ‘still loves her and never stopped’- cute! Here’s hoping they’ve wiped the slate clean!

Another pair looking for a clean break, Kat Von D and Jeffree Star are taking their friendship in opposite directions. Sparking a social media spat this week, Kat shared a picture of Jeffree with a ‘no entry’ sign across his face, explaining she had decided to ‘disassociate [herself] from him and his brand’ after years of putting up with Jeffree’s ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Responding to a video that Kat posted to further explain her reasons, Jeffree took to Twitter to tell his side of the story and announce he would be ‘going back to the real world and off to enjoy the rest of [his] day’. Talk about airing your dirty laundry…

The fifteenth anniversary of now iconic film Legally Blonde was celebrated by the film’s star Reese Witherspoon this month, as she treated her social following to a full day of all things Elle Woods. The film’s wardrobe department cleaned out the closet and sent the actress all of her costumes, which she proceeded to showcase with a throwback try-on session. Naturally, the anniversary wouldn’t have been complete without Witherspoon’s recreation of the classic Bend and Snap!

In more movie related news, Harry Styles has been spotted bloodied and caked with mud as he shot some grisly scenes on the set of Dunkirk, a new Christopher Nolan war film. All that dirt isn’t going to remove itself, Harry – anyone got a Halo handy?




Fresh Princess

Following the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of US police, Beyoncé has paid tribute to the victims of police brutality, showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The performer led a moment of silence at her Glasgow concert on her Formation world tour, displaying hundreds of names and commemorating the ‘countless others’ lost.

The star also issued a powerful statement on her website, speaking of ‘standing up as a community against the robberies of lives by those sworn to protect us’, and encouraged the channelling of anger into action, providing methods of contacting local politicians and legislators, and voicing protest against the recent deaths.

We think Beyoncé utilising her platform to speak up for people of colour and minorities to offer the marginalised a voice, and promote love over hate, is admirable, and we crown her Queen of Clean!



Clean Your Act Up

We’ve come to expect little better of our celeb idols, but the recent Kim/Kanye/Taylor fiasco has taken things to a new low.

Reacting to a video posted to Kim’s public Snapchat story, which apparently shows Taylor approving a controversial line from Kanye’s song Famous, Taylor accused Kim of “character assassination”. Although the line in question isn’t mentioned in the clip, Taylor can be heard saying “go with whatever line you think is better … It’s obviously really tongue in cheek, either way … And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.”

Taylor, posting a response to the video on her Instagram account, accused Kim of “character assassination,” and referred to the seemingly non-existent video of Kanye reciting the actual line. “It doesn’t exist because it never happened,” she wrote.

With Kim and Kanye potentially facing legal action over the unlawfully recorded call, whether Taylor did or did not approve the line now seems beside the point. What with all of the dirty laundry being aired on the web this week, we think it’s time that this trio were given a good wipe down. Clean your act up!