Stay Fashionably Fresh This Summer

With summer around the corner, our Halo Angel Johanna Bolhoven gives us some top tips to help keep cool and look fashionable at the same time – at work or on holiday.

  1. Hang loose. Natural instinct is to shed clothes in the heat but long loose clothing, made from natural fibres, will provide your skin with shade and help keep your body temperature low. Believe it or not, a loose and flowing maxi dress (summer’s go-to dress length for parties, weekends or for work) will keep you cooler than a pair of shorts and skintight vest top
  2. Turn up the volume. Volume looks effortlessly smart but also keeps you cool in the heat. Belt a short sleeve tunic over wide leg culottes and pair with block heel sandals for an instant office-chic look
  3. Natural selection. I’m not the biggest fan of polyester and even less so in the summer months. Cotton is much more breathable than other man-made fibres, as it is better at absorbing moisture and dries a lot faster
  4. Some like it hot. In the same way drinking a cup of hot tea can keep you cool (no, really!), taking a hot shower can actually lower your body temperature. A cold shower might feel more satisfying in the short term, but your body will react by raising its internal temperature
  5. Summer shine. I’m all for shining under the sun in metallic accents and sparkly sequins (especially this season when you can mix in metallics for a splash of on-trend ’70s glam), however heavy embellishments such as beading or metal can weigh your clothes down. This brings them closer to your skin, trapping body heat and restricting any breeze
  6. It’s a wrap. Think scarves are only winter accessories? Think again! The humble scarf is still one of my must-have accessories. When summer really turns up the heat, a small cotton scarf is great for providing the skin with shade. You can use it to create a headscarf or wear it around your neck with your hair down. The key to styling summer scarves is in the fabric; there’s no need for bulk. The look is all about silkiness, chiffon and fine weaves
  7. Lighten up. Light-coloured clothing reflects the heat from the summer sun so swap your trusty black ensemble for pastel shades and neutral tones. From pale blue to ultramarine, this season sees a move toward the cooler and softer side of the colour spectrum so it’s the perfect time to embrace your inner pastel princess
  8. Be prepared. Like all good Girl Guides, it pays to “be prepared” and for this reason I always pack a trusty pack of Halo Deodorant Wipes so I can stay fresh on-the-go and continue my day in style!