The right way to remove eye makeup with wipes

Eye make-up can be a real pain to remove at night before you go for bed, and quite often women can wake up in the morning with black smudges where they hadn’t been so thorough at removing stubborn mascara or liquid eyeliner.

The main benefit of using wipes to remove eye make-up is that they are quick and easy to use, and so you will remove your make-up before bed no trouble, rather than you skipping it and waking up with mascara all over the pillow. A great advantage of using Halo Eye Make-up Remover Wipes is that they are designed specifically for removing even stubborn eye make-up, and so you will achieve good results every time when using them. Also, because they are tailored for use on the eyes, a sensitive part of the face, they won’t sting.

So, to remove eye make-up the right way using wipes, start by sweeping the wipe slowly over the whole eye area (eye closed, of course). Do this slowly so that the solution on the wipe has time to work on loosening the makeup. Next, concentrate on the lashes and lash line, applying more pressure, but be careful not to rub the eye.  When removing the mascara, wipe in a downward direction toward the cheek.

After concentrating on removing the eye make-up, take a fresh one if need be and sweep over again, repeating to catch anything that hasn’t been removed. This step is usually only necessary in cases of heavy eye make-up though. One important thing to remember is that you should use a separate wipe for each eye. By doing this you will lessen the risk of eye infections and irritations that can be spread from one eye to the other.